Album Launch and Album Art Exhibition

Silvan Gallery

1sy May 2009

Selwyn st, Christchurch New Zealand

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2008

Monkey Bar

30th September - 10th October

181 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North

20 km of coloured thread, 6000 reprinted colour Polaroid photograms, 28 square metres of recycled card, 2 rubber stamps, 1 crochet hook an onion and a whole lot of love. The outcome: 500 uniquely hand crafted albums. Jody O Lloyd’s debut album, Loops of Love, is not only timeless it is time consuming. With approximately 10 minutes and 20 inconspicuous fingerprints devoted to the assemblage of each album, Jody Lloyd and Devika Bilimoria, compile a neat work of art.

These images are of found objects exposed to Polaroid paper to reflect the lyrics of each song on the Album. You can listen to and purchase the album here.

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