Honours Project
The VCA Stables, University of Melbourne
Recipient of the Rodger Davies Award for Excellence.

Offerings is an accumulative durational performance and installation articulated as a ritual-like game of dice. The work is a live task-based procedure where I generate and enact countless ‘offering scores’ throughout an allocated duration. The scores are randomised attributes derived from seven categories that traverse both the secular and non-secular. Here, the materials, substances and gestures of the Hindu worshipping ritual pūjā are enfolded with the quotidian to incite offerings performed by my body, into a void.

Stimulated by randomisation, this chance-based work is an experimental practice of indeterminacy, play and disorientation. It attempts to commune with the porous haunt of embodied intra-cultural inscriptions, matter and entangled lineages—to reimagine what is given.

To see more of this project visit the VCA ART 2022 catalogue.

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