Finalist for the 2018 Bowness Prize at the Monash Gallery of Art. 

August 28th 2017


21.7 Celsius

Any other day his shirt is black.

New York City takes time away from you, and to know.

Hovering five storeys above Chinatown’s industrious streets is a hidden pool hall. Synergistic in colour, brought to you by this man - the owner.

As pool was played, I observed the weight of his working body shift from two points, to three, to finally one sand-settled elongation upon the couch. I realised a living room.

Back in Melbourne, I asked a friend in New York to obtain permission from the owner to use this image. A few days later the pool hall unexpectedly closed down.

Any given day, he isn't there. 

Pool Hall, Devika Bilimoria

Pool Hall, Devika Bilimoria

Install at Monash Gallery of Art, 2018 Bowness Photography Prize Exhibition

Install at Monash Gallery of Art, 2018 Bowness Photography Prize Exhibition  

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