Allery Exhibitions, 2008

Independent Solo Exhibitions
June, July, August
Fitzroy Alleyway off Kerr St, Melbourne

Allery, being a play on the words gallery and alley, relates to the eruption of graffiti art entering commercial gallery spaces, when the hip hop/graffiti culture was for and from the streets. This exhibition reverses this phenomenon by presenting works of art, that are conventionally seen in roomed galleries, out to a public cityscape. When art, such as photography, is traditional in its appearance then placed within a non-traditional environment, something unique and wonderful happens - the opposing elements of the photographs to the surroundings create an exciting synergy that conjures an imaginative visual and physical adventure. All the images were made from 669 and 59 Polaroid paper then enlarged for the 3 exhibitions that took place mid-year in an alley off 102 Kerr St, Fitzroy.

From Dosa to Paint Thinner, the Air Was Once Tasty, 2008 June

You Can’t Feel What You Look Like with Your Face, 2008 July

Forever and Eternity are at Work and Have No Time for Us, 2008 July

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