The Moving Image, 2017

c3 Contemporary Arts Space
The Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne
Media Hype, Group show curated by Juliette Hanson

The Moving Image is photographic sculpture whose mesmerising kinetic effects unfold from a gentle spin of the vessel by the viewer. Suspended in water, and the transition of analogue and digital photography, is the fabric-like emulsion from a 669 Polaroid photograph. Floating and dancing at the mercy of water, the fragile emulsion reveals to the viewer many images and ideas as they peer through the faceted glass.

In the darkened room, this interactive installation references old film processes, cinema, optic illusions, as well as notions of suspension pertaining to physicality, breath and self.

MEDIA HYPE brings together the work of six artists who critically engage with materiality, by using one medium to explore another. The exhibition spans painting, drawing, textiles, photography, ceramics, film and installation. The works are hybrid by design, compounding different media in a way that disrupts conventional relationships between medium, form and content, with photography at its heart. 


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