Voiceless Journeys (Ondru), 2012

Sultana S.
My memories are all but stone.
Date: 29 October 2011
Location: Chadstone, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Reyaz H.
I became a homeless person and ended up begging.
I was later detained. It was only then I knew I could apply for a protection visa.
Going through the application was traumatic. I spent eight months in detention. It was very hard.
There is the extreme fear of being sent back as well as the ambiguity of the future. In detention, I was threatened…assaulted.
Now I just feel that I am living somewhat. I want to study law and help people.
I used to be shy and quiet, but now I have become a fighter!
Date: 03 November 2011
Location: West Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

101 Black and White portraits - photographers, Devika Bilimoria and Shane Lam 

Voiceless Journeys is an attempt to build a sense of community with greater understanding of each other through the medium of art.

This is an art project that aims to celebrate the cultural diversity and raise awareness about the journey, struggle, survival and achievements of people from diverse backgrounds. The focus was on people who had left their countries as a result of internal problems or conflicts to make their life in Australia; people who positively shape our communities.

The Ondru team met with various refugee communities around Melbourne and photographed people creating a collection of 101 black and white portraits, alongside collected stories of each individual's experience, most of whom had never spoken a word about them to anyone ever.

The portraits were then enlarged and pasted around many community walls to bring faces and humanity to the conversations about immigration, asylum seekers and refugees. 

For more info visit Voiceless Journeys.

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